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For our last week of English lessons, we are doing a combination of activities. A couple of challenges but mainly some nice fun things thinking about all our memories of this crazy year!! Today we are going to be thinking about going into Year 2. We have talked a little bit about this but we are going to have some more discussions now.


First, read the ‘Cautious Caterpillar Story’ PowerPoint to the children. Who can remember that I read this to them on transition day last July!? Let’s see if we can remember it.


Now open the next PowerPoint ‘Spread Your Wings Transition’ PowerPoint. Go through the slides also discussing do you remember how you felt at the end of Reception and start of Year 1? Then make links to have they might be feeling now but also how they are now a year older and actually… we are so used to KS1 now that Year 2 is not that much different. Talk about the classroom being just next door, they know Miss cartwright already and the toilets are the same place etc. They know all the rules and where things are around the school now so hopefully it should be an easy transition.


After they have finished asking questions and discussing explain we are going to write down one thing that we would like Miss Cartwright to know about us. It can be anything from your favourite colour, favourite food, what you like doing at home or what your favourite subject at school is? What’s your favourite sport, do you have pets… anything!!


Activity: Write one thing that you would like your new Year 2 teacher to know about you.


Extension: Cautious Caterpillar Word Search Activity.