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Wishing Stories!


Our next unit of work takes us back to story writing, in particular a type of story that has been popular around the world for thousands of years - Wishing Stories. Whether it be the greedy King Midas from Ancient Greece, who wished all he touched would turn to gold and then forgot to be careful who he hugged, or the little German girl in the fairy tale ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’ who asked her magic pot to start cooking porridge…but didn’t know how to get it to stop (the whole village disappeared under a tidal wave of porridge). Wishing Stories often don’t end up with the perfect, happy-ever-after ending you might expect!


MONDAY: I wish…

Of course, the most famous wishing story is probably Aladdin and the Lamp, an old tale from the Middle East, in which our hero Aladdin summons a magical Genie and is granted THREE wishes! Surely nothing can go wrong if you have three wishes? Well it all depends what you wish for!


Let’s start out by seeing what the staff at Great Missenden wished for.


Now before you watch the clip, I must to point out that I gave them some rules:

1. All the staff at Great Missenden are lovely humans, and straight away they all wished for kind and generous things - they wished for world peace, for an end to all sickness, for all people to be treated fairly and equally, and for us to be able to go back to school happily and normally. I am sure you would probably wish for the same. However, in all classic wishing stories the wishes are much more selfish and silly, so I said they had to pick selfish and silly wishes!

2. YOU CAN’T WISH FOR MORE WISHES!!! (No self-respecting genie in the world is going to fall for that one!) 

So lets see what they came up with!


Well hopefully that gives you the idea of what you are going to get up to today!

Can you make THREE selfish and silly wishes?

What are the craziest things you can wish for and remember to always say why you want each wish.


Your extra challenge today is to make a kind and generous wish too, this is perhaps your real, sensible wish to make the world a better place.


You can use the My Wishes Worksheet PDF attached below if you would like to or you can just write straight into your Distance Learning book.