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Wishing Stories!


On Friday you started to plan your own Wishing Story. You chose which ‘job’ the main character has put off doing. (In our model text, the main character put off cleaning the floor in their bedroom. 


MONDAY: Setting description

Today, using the planning that we have created and based on our model text - Three Wishes for Me - we are going to plan and write our first paragraph! The goal is to write a paragraph which describes the setting, which is, as we know, your own home.


Step 1: REMEMBER! 

Check your work from last Friday to recap the ‘job’ you chose. This is really important. We need to mention it in this paragraph to hint at what is going to happen later.



Now you need to find a setting for your story. Luckily this setting will be somewhere real in your house, possibly your own bedroom. So, you need to find a room in your house where you can sit comfortably and look around you. It’s a good idea to sit in a place where the 'job' or task that you need to do has to be done, that way you can see what the room actually looks like! 

For example:

  • If the task was washing up, I’d be in the kitchen.
  • I need to rake all the leaves? Guess I’ll be in the garden!
  • Hoovering the whole house...better pick the living room, that’s where I’d start.


Use the questions below to start thinking about your ideas.

  1. Where am I in the room? 
  2. What will I be doing? 
  3. What is the job I’ve put off doing? 
  4. Who has asked me to do the job? 
  5. Where will the mysterious creature come from? 


Step 3: PLAN

Now that you’ve got some of your ideas, you need to think about how your character feels, and how your setting fits into the story.

Using the Setting Description - Planning Sheet PDF  attached below, answer the questions on the grid. You don't need to write full can just write notes.


Step 4: WRITE UP

You can now use these notes and turn them into your first paragraph! Try to challenge yourself to use a range of descriptive writing skills.


Steps to Success:

Hot and Spicy: Use adjectives to add detail to your description.

Mega Hot: Include adverbs to add depth to the description (eg. gloomily, cautiously, carefully)

Are You Nuts?!: Use a simile


Here is an example:

I’m sat in my bedroom, bored, trying to read a book I’ve already read. Dad keeps reminding me to hoover my room, but only because he’s too lazy to do it himself! It’s so unfair! I just finished all of my homework, I even made my bed and now he wants me to hoover? I’m completely exhausted and bored of doing silly chores. The room isn’t even untidy…I’ve tidied all of my clothes away. Rain is splattering gloomily on the window. It is a cold day for spring and the windows are closed. But what’s that? If the windows are closed, why are the curtains moving? I lean forward cautiously to get a better look…!


I have added our model text below so that you can re-read it to help with any ideas.