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Wishing Stories!


Yesterday you created a great opening paragraph, full of brilliant description of a familiar place in your home!


TUESDAY: Character description!

Today, using your plan to help you, you are going to create and describe an exciting character that will emerge from the suspicious area in your room, somehow…


Step 1: Choose your creature!

This creature is going to be one of two things: 

  1. A small animal or creature, that you’d expect to see in the house or garden. Like the hedgehog from our model text. Perhaps the only thing different about it is the fact it can speak!
  2. A magical or mythical creature (like a pixie or phoenix)


The only rules are that it has to fit in your home, in disguise maybe, or be hidden in your home AND it will be able to talk to you and you understand!


Here are some ideas:



Step 2: PLAN

Now that you've chosen your creature, we can put them into the story!

They are just about to leave their hiding place and reveal themselves to you - will this be by accident, or on purpose? As we said at the start, they need to be able to talk to you to grant you three wishes!


Use the questions below to start thinking about your ideas:

  1. Where does the creature appear from? 
  2. What does it look like? 
  3. How do you feel? 
  4. What do you say? 
  5. How does the creature react? 


Using the Character Description - Planning Sheet PDF  attached below, answer the questions on the grid. You don't need to write full can just write notes.


Step 3: WRITE UP

You can now use these notes and turn them into your next paragraph! Remember to use the flow of the story and think about how your main character (YOU!) would react - this creature is appearing to you in your house, from somewhere you wouldn’t expect! Try to make it feel as real as possible.


You might want to use the Character Description - Writing Frame PDF attached below to help you.


As always, to help you include a range of skills and keep it interesting, challenge yourself to achieve some or all of the Steps to Success.


Hot and Spicy: Use adjectives to add detail to your description.

Mega Hot: Use a simile eg. as spiky as a pineapple

Are You Nuts?!: Use a range of punctuation marks including speech marks, exclamation marks and question marks.


Here is an example:

The table suddenly started to wobble! I stopped in my tracks. In front of me, before my very eyes, was a tiny, turquoise blue, ball of spikes. This bristly creature snuffled and bumped into the table until it was back, standing straight and tall, in its normal space. I thought I must’ve been going mad, because, before I could blink, this fluorescent blue hedgehog turned to me and said, ever so politely, “I’m so terribly sorry! I didn’t mean to knock your table! I could see you were in a bit of a pickle and thought I’d help out - I can grant wishes you see!” I was so shocked I must’ve gone as white as a sheet. “Oh dear!” cried the hedgehog, “Please, have three wishes, as a gift, from me!”