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Wishing Stories!



This week you have written an incredible piece of setting description and a detailed character description about an imaginary creature.


Now we are at the point you’ve all been waiting for - the 3 magical wishes!

In our model text the structure of the wishes is very clear:

  1. A little wish to test if wishing actually works…
  2. Asking for a BIG WISH to help with the job you've been asked to do
  3. Quickly wishing to correct whatever ridiculous thing happened with the BIG WISH, so that it’s all back to normal!


WEDNESDAY: To continue planning and writing your own Wishing Story.

Today we are going to plan the rest of our text, and maybe get a chance to write some pieces up!


Step 1:

Use the Box up grid for Wishing Story PDF to make notes about what could happen next, and fill in the other parts of the story. Remember, you’ve already done paragraphs 1 and 2, and know what’s going to happen during your BIG WISH, because of the planning you did on Friday!



Step 2:

Now, paragraph by paragraph, you can start to write up your ideas as full sentences! Remember to use your plans and your work from previous lessons to help you.


Start by writing up paragraph number 3, the small, tester wish. (In our model text the main character wished for a brand-new book to read.) Next write the BIG WISH parts and tomorrow we can finish and edit. 


Here are the Steps to Success to help you include a range of skills in your writing and remind you of the skills you’ve already used! Feel free to mark these off as you go, so you know you’re doing your best possible writing.



I have attached the Year 2 Model Text below. Please use this for support if needed. You can use it to give you ideas for your own story.