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At the start of lockdown, you completed most of your Covid-19 Time Capsule Booklet in order to record your experiences of this time. 



Remember that you have two choices when completing the pages:

1) You can rigidly stick to what it says on the page.

2) You can use the page as a guide and create something similar.



I would like you to complete the final three pages of the booklet.


Page 9 – Letter to myself

This is a letter that you’re going to be reading in many years to come so include the things you would want to know about yourself in ten years!
You may want to write about:
1. A general overview of the current situation.

2. How have you been feeling during this time? What have you missed? Who have you missed?
3. What is distance learning? How have you felt about it?

4. What else have you been doing? 
5. What events have you missed?
6. Some advice for yourself for the future.


Page 10 – Interview your parents

This is your chance to find out how your parents have felt during this time. Ask them the questions and record their answers on the sheet.


Page 11 – Letter from your parents

This page is for your parents to complete!