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For your English task today, it's another quiz I'm afraid! Although I know when we are in school you always enjoy completing them!


I would like you to complete a Reading Quiz


Remember to follow these really important steps:

  1. Read the text carefully!
  2. Read the questions carefully!
  3. Find (highlight if you want to) the key words in the question and then find the matching words in the text- your answer will be nearby.
  4. Write out a detailed answer!
  5. Check through by reading the question again, then your answer- does it makes sense?


Now some Top Tips!

  • Remember you can read the text and the questions as many times as you like! If you don’t spot an answer the first time, read through again and this time it might leap out at you.
  • If you find one question tricky, don’t worry! Have a go and then move onto the next one. You could always come back and look at it again when you’ve finished.
  • Have a sensible guess! If you think you know the answer, but you’re not quite sure, be confident and go for it!



The answers are attached below. Once you have finished the quiz, please could you ask a grown up to mark it and then let me know how you got on. Thank you!