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Phonics & SPAG Mystery Games


Today you have a chance to practise using your Phonics and SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar)  skills by carrying out one of the Mystery Games Activities attached below. 


Challenge Choices:


Hot & Spicy - The Mystery of the Astronauts Phonics Problem-Solving Game

In this mystery game, you will be able to practise using your phonics knowledge. It includes all graphemes, blends, clusters and suffixes from Phases 2 - 5. 


Mega Hot - The Mystery of the Missing Sunglasses

In this SPAG mystery game, you will be able to practise using different sentence forms, capital letters and full stops, prefixes, suffixes, and common exception words.


Are You Nuts?! - Who Burnt the Buns?

In this SPAG mystery game, you will be able to practise using different sentence forms, word classes, tenses, suffixes and common exception words.