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This week in English if we were at school would be a week of finishing our ‘Mr Bunting’s Hats’ Story. Like we normally do at the end of each half term we have a go at a ‘hot task’ where you independently work through an activity. In the past this has included, a writing a story linked to ‘The Little Red Hen’, a newspaper article linked to ‘Goldilocks’, writing Fruit Salad instructions and an creating an African Animal poem. This week we are building up to another story writing hot task. I will tell you more about this as the week goes on.


For today I would like you re-read our Mr Bunting story and then complete the following ‘story map’ activity to get us back in the story sequence frame of mind! You need to think about the beginning, build up, problem, resolution and the ending (we have talked about these in class before). In each section write a sentence or two describing what is going on. If your parents can print this then use the template provide. If not then in your ‘distance learning book’ you can write the heading of each section and then write your ideas underneath.