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Today I promised a gentler activity as you guys deserve to have a little play. I was super impressed by your stories yesterday, so thank you! If you did not get round to sending them, don't worry I will look forward to reading the rest today!

So, here are a few fun websites you might like to try today...


Firstly, here is the second ‘Story Maker’ game like you played as a starter the other day. So many of you told me you really enjoyed it, so see what different options you can chose this time to make up your own stories!


The second game is linked to last week’s learning, describing objects using clues. You can the category, then read the clue and then match it up to the correct picture. Its really fun, you can choose so many different categories so explore and have fun!


Lastly, I know you all love a word search. Here is an interactive one where you need to chose a well-known film or character (again, there are so many categories to chose from) then have a go at finding the words! Might be a little bit challenging but give it a go if you fancy it!


These links will now always be here for whenever you want to play these games!


I have also attached a ‘Easter English Activity Booklet’ for over the Easter Holidays. No pressure to complete it, it is only if you need an extra something to do!