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Today is your hot task! So ideally no help from your parents.


You are now going to use your ideas from yesterday to write your version own of Mr Bunting’s Hats. Remember you need to keep the same structure and only change the parts you decided on yesterday! Remember…. FINGER SPACES, CAPITAL LETTERS, FULL STOPS and USE PHONICS to help you sound out the words!! Use the sentence writing checklist below to remind you! You can read the original text a couple of time before you start, but ideally do not have it near you when you come to write yours, I am seeing if you can remember the order and structure to!


You guys always perform so well when we do our ‘hot tasks’ at school so don’t let me down just because you are at home… let’s see what you’ve got! Just try your best, use your growth mindset and you know that Mrs Brooke-Read will be happy! I can’t wait to read them.


You might want to spread this over the day, maybe writing the beginning this morning, the middle after a break then the ending in the afternoon, its up to you, see how you get on! I promise a nice relaxing activity for tomorrows distance learning!