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Today I would like you to read a Shakespeare novel and then learn a chapter off-by-heart and film acting it out. Only Joking. APRIL FOOLS!


Today I would actually like you to fill in a similar grid from yesterday but now think about you might change different elements to make it your own. For example, you might simply change the name of Mr Bunting and then keep the rest the same. You might keep Mr Bunting the same but change the animals he meets or the lunch he has. It is completely up to you. Fill in the changes with your new ideas and then for the ones staying the same just copy what you wrote yesterday!


H&S - Change at least one element to the story.

MH - Change at least two elements of the story

AYN - Change at least three elements of the story.


You are only drafting your ideas in the table, not writing the whole story today.