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Today I would like you all to set up a diary. This diary can be something that you complete as much as everyday or once a week. It could be done on the computer or handwritten. All members of your family can contribute to it and it might include pictures and videos or you might just want to write and draw, it is completely up to you.


I do not need to see this everyday (unless you want to share an exciting day with me) but when we do go back to school we would like to collect them in to help create a ‘historical document’ for the future. Historians suggest that keeping a record of what you get up to, what you experience and feel through these unchartered times will be a valuable tool for the future, as each individual’s perspective is unique and I’m sure we be truly fascinating in years to come when this has hopefully all blown over!


Also, today I would like you to visit the Oxford Owl website: and sign up for a free account. This will allow you access to their extensive online library. Try and read or listen to at least one story every day.