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Writing Letters!


Our next step with our unit on ‘Writing Letters’ is to learn a new model text. This time our text is, of course, a letter, but a slightly unusual letter because it has been written by a fairy tale character.


TUESDAY: To memorise a model text.

Just like we do in school, our mission is to learn this text by using pictures and/or actions. 


Step 1 - Read the model text though a few times. 

It is attached below.


Step 2 - Learn the text using pictures!

Now it’s time to map out the text using pictures - here is what I came up with for the first part of the letter. I have set it out just like the text and of course used punctuation too.




Using the story map sheet below, continue to draw pictures for the rest of the text (or as much of it as you can manage). I have attached an extra sheet if you need it. Alternatively, you can use your own piece of plain paper to create your pictures on. 



  • You don’t have to draw a picture for every word.
  • Try to write as few words as possible. 
  • Chose pictures that you will remember. 
  • You don’t need to be an artist to complete this task!
  • You need to chose quick and simple pictures. 
  • Try to keep the structure clear e.g. address on the right hand side, bulk of the letter on the left.


Step 3 - Learn the text using actions!

As an extra challenge, you might want to come up with some actions too to help you start memorising the letter!