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Today our next step with our writing unit on ‘Letters’ is to learn the new model text. This time our text is, of course, is a letter, but a slightly unusual letter because it has been written by a fairy tale character (you can probably guess who) Open the attachment below ‘KS1 Model Text’. Just like we do in school, our mission is to learn this text by using actions and pictures.


Firstly, I want you to start learning the texts with actions! Read through the letter a few times and then come up with some key actions to help you remember (like we do at school) you do not need an action for every word, just the key ones which help to remind us what comes next! You can video yourself doing this and send it to me if you want to!


Next, once you have retold the text a few times with your actions (they don’t have to be perfect or completely off by hear yet it’s just to start getting the letter into our heads!) we are now going to have a go at learning the text with pictures! As different children learn in different ways, we always do both actions and pictures to support their learning. So now it’s time to map out the story using pictures - open the attached, ‘Text Mapping’ document here is what I came up with for the first part of the letter. I have set it out just like the text and of course used the punctuation to! Your task is to finish the letter with key pictures and words. Good luck.