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Today we are going to ‘Read as a Writer,’ which means we’re going to look closely at our model text to see what each section does and why, and some of the words it uses to achieve this.


The original model text is in black and my notes explain the parts are in green.

Open the ‘Sections of a Letter’ document below and have a read. There you will see that letters have five clear sections:

  • The Address & Date
  • The Greeting
  • The News
  • The Question
  • Signing Off

Your activity now is to open the document ‘Muddled Letter from Mummy Pig’ and see that there has been a letter back to Harold the Pig from his Mummy but it is all in the wrong order! Your task is to put it in the right order- Address, Greeting, News, Question and Sign Off? You could do this by printing it off, chopping it up and rearranging it OR you could write it out in the correct order (great handwriting practice) OR you could use the colours of each paragraph to simple write down which order the should come in (Address = red, Greeting = brown etc.) I hope this makes sense.


Are You Nuts – Please try and write the letter in the correct order.