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Today is going to be a bit of a SPAG (spelling and Grammar) Friday, where we’ll focus on some of the important writing skills that are used in the model text. Today we are going to practice and work on punctuation as we still all need work on this!


In our model text the sentences end in different ways. Harold Little Pig uses a mixture of full stops to end sentences, exclamation marks (!) when he wants something to stand out and question marks (?) when he wants to ask something. Today there are only two choices of activity, either chose ‘Mega Hot’ or ‘Are you Nuts’

Mega Hot – Open the attached document and see if you can add the correct punctuation mark to the end of the fairy tale sentences.


Are you Nuts – Complete the ‘Mega Hot’ challenge first then, then this is tricky bit, after see if you can think of some other well-known sentences from fairy tales and books and write them out using the correct punctuation. Try and think of at least two. I wonder if I can guess which story they are from?! Good luck!