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Just to get us started today have a go at working out which fairy tale character lives at which of these addresses?

1, Hot Porridge Cottage                2, Breadcrumb Lane                        3, Number 3 Bean Avenue


This week we will complete our whole class work on letter writing. We will start by writing some practice letters and then you will be able to plan, draft and neatly publish your own fairy tale letter.


The first letter we’re going to practice writing is another fairy tale letter. This one is going to be written by Little Red Riding Hood to her lovely Grandma. We’re going to use the same structure we used last week.

First, open the ‘example letter ideas’ document and you can use this to help you or come up with your own ideas. Then open the ‘blank boxing grid’ document to find a blank version of the boxing up grid for you to fill in your letter ideas out. Once you have done that I would like you to write the letter out without the box and making it flow with full sentences and punctuation.


Hot & Spicy – You can stop at the boxing up grid and do not have to write the whole letter out.


Mega Hot – Use the template provided to write your letter using full sentences.


Are You Nuts – Write the letter on blank paper trying to lay it out correctly and use adjectives to make it exciting.