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Today we are going to be planning our own letter. This is like working towards your hot task like we do at school! This is your last challenge for this week as it will run over the next three days. So, you know what is coming, today is planning, tomorrow will be editing and Thursday will be the final published neat version of the letter! Friday is Bank Holiday so you can rest!


So… you are going to be writing a letter to anyone… real or imagined, it’s up to you!

Below I’ve written down some possible ideas, but you may want to come up with your own idea!


Fairy Tale Ideas:

  • Write a letter from the little bear complaining about Goldilocks.
  • Write a letter from Cinderella describing what happened at the ball.
  • Write an angry letter from Jack’s mum complaining about her son!
  • You might have a favourite fairy tale you want to use to write a letter about.

 ‘Sensible’ Ideas:

  • Write a letter to someone in your family.
  • Write a letter to a teacher or other grown up from school.
  • Write a letter to one of your friends.
  • Write a letter to your pet OR pretend to be your pet and write a letter from them!

Letters to a celebrity:

  • Write to your favourite singer, or footballer, asking what it is like to be famous and whether they have any advice to help you in your career!

These are just ideas, of course! Please feel free to come up with your own.


Once you have your idea now is time to plan your letter. Good plans lead to great writing. We are going to use the planning grid from last week to help us. So, open up the attachment and have a go! Remember the 5 parts to a letter and what needs to be included. Remember this is just a plan so rough ideas, words et to help you, you do not need to write the whole letter! Sometimes the children find it hard to just record key parts so they may need some guidance or prompting!


Once you have your ideas in the grid you can start to write your first full draft of the letter in sentences onto a blank page or you can wait for tomorrow, it’s up to you. Use our 1BR writing check list to make sure you have all the writing basics!