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Today we are going to be editing. Step one: If you did not write out your ideas into a letter format from your grid yesterday, do that now. If you did write out your first draft yesterday, you can go straight on to step two: Edit and make any changes you need to, to improve it. Check whether you have shown off all your skills and that your ideas and sentence structure is the best you can do.


When we edit and improve, we’re keeping an eye for three things:

  1. Correcting. Correcting and adding punctuation, missing words and changing misspellings.
  2. Changing. Changing any words or sentences that are not clear, don’t make sense or are a bit repetitive. Making sure all your letters are formed the right way around and no random capitals.
  3. Adding. Adding extra words sentences to improve your writing. This could be a single extra adjective or adverb that adds much needed detail. Or, in a story, an extra sentence that helps add to the atmosphere or change the action.

When we do this at school we use our ‘purple polishing pens’ so you do not need to write the whole thing out again. You can cross out and write over with the purple pen (or whatever colour you have at home) to make the correction or change parts! Have a go and see how you get on.

Use our 1BR writing check list to make sure you have all the writing basics!