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This week we will complete our work on letter writing. We will start by writing a practice letter and then you will be able to plan, draft and neatly publish your own fairy tale letter.



Today we’re going to practise writing another fairy tale letter. This one has been written by Little Red Riding Hood to her lovely Grandma.



We’re going to use the same structure we’ve studied so far. We’ll make notes and then your independent task will be to write up the final letter. As we make notes, I’ll write down ideas you COULD use, but of course if you have your own ideas use those.


I’ll use the boxing up grid we looked at last week to help me organise my ideas.



These are my rough ideas; please feel free to use them. Below is a blank boxing up grid if you want to make your own notes.


When you have gathered your ideas, it is time to write a letter to Grandma! Try using a range of skills in your letter to make sure it contains descriptive detail. 


Steps to Success:

1. Remember to set out your letter correctly.

2. Don’t forget to use full stops, commas, capital letters and exclamation marks where needed. 3. Try to use adjectives and similes to add detail and description.

4. Remember to use neat handwriting.


If you need help there is a writing frame below which might help you to layout your ideas neatly, but of course you don’t have to use it if you are confident.


There are two word mats below which you may find useful.


I have also attached the letter we looked at last week from Harold Littlepig to Mummy pig. It may be helpful to re-read this to remind yourself of the layout of a letter.


Have fun!