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TUESDAY: To plan a letter.

Your next challenge for this week (and one that you have the next three days to complete) is to write your own letter to…well to anyone, real or imagined that you would like to!


Below I’ve written down some possible ideas, but you may well come up with your own ideas .


So, here are the ideas I came up with. Look through and pick one OR make up an idea of your own.


Fairy Tale Ideas

  • Write a letter from the little bear complaining about Goldilocks.
  • Write a letter from Cinderella asking her fairy godmother for help OR describing what happened at the ball.
  • Write an angry letter from Jack’s mum complaining about her son!


‘Sensible’ Ideas

  • Write a letter to someone in your family.
  • Write a letter to a teacher or other grown up from school.
  • Write a letter to one of your friends.


Letters to a fictional character

  • Write a letter to Harry Potter asking how Hogwarts is going OR write a letter from Harry to a normal child in a Muggle school.
  • Write a letter from Horrid Henry to his parents from a school trip - I wonder what he’s been up to!


Letters to a celebrity

  • Write to your favourite singer, or footballer, asking what it is like to be famous and whether they have any advice to help you in your career.


These are just ideas, of course! Please feel free to come up with your own.



Your Mission!


Step 1- Plan your letter.

Today’s mission is to plan your letter. Good plans lead to great writing. Remember a plan doesn’t need to be your neatest work, but it is important you can read it yourself.


I would like you to use the boxing up grid we used yesterday to help you organise your ideas.


When you have gathered your ideas, it is time to write your letter! You can write it out into your Distance Learning book.


Even at the planning stage you can think about the skills you can include in your work. Use the 'Steps to Success' below to help you.



I have attached a letter writing word mat below which you may find useful.


I have also attached the letter we looked at last week from Harold Littlepig to Mummy pig. It may be helpful to re-read this to remind yourself of the layout of a letter.


I look forward to reading your first drafts!