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Exercise- Exercise is important for keeping your energy up and your body strong! Exercise also fuels your brain and helps your heart and lungs. You should do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, 3 of which should be high intensity and leave you out of breath! You could run around the garden or check out the PE page for ideas, don’t forget our skipping challenge!

Also, here are some links to pages with even more ideas, especially for when we are stuck inside- there’s still loads we can do at home to exercise and keep fit:


Loads of great ideas for indoors here- this one you can adapt to your home!


Or you can have a go on your own, copying exercise videos of serious workouts, most weights can be made from filled water bottles, stretches or body-weight work outs are just as effective for muscle building, but will burn energy in different ways. Work out what suits you and what you're trying to gain!




Why exercise?