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Year 3 French - Summer Term Week 3

Week commencing 4th May 2020

Remote Learning


Firstly, thank you to everyone in Year 3 who has completed the Languages Survey. It only takes 5 minutes. If you have not managed to complete it yet, here is the link:


Each week there will be optional French work for you to do. This week we are going to look at concept of nouns in French and how they are either 'masculine' or 'feminine'. We will also look at the names of some animals. 


Keep working on your counting, and every time you see something colourful, see if you can remember how to say the colour in French. 


If you can, complete some of the worksheets attached. They are all different levels. 'A' is the easiest, 'B' in the middle and 'C' harder. You can chose which you feel happiest completing. There is plenty to keep you busy but don't feel like you have to do everything. 


Remember, start off by watching the PowerPoint first. 


One you have finished your tasks for the week, print off the 'clouds' handout (if you have a printer) and colour in the tasks you have managed to do. If you do not have a printer, you can always copy and paste the document and highlight the text. Please ask an adult to take a photo of it and send it to me at:          You do not need to send a copy to your form/ class teacher. 


Finally, I have made a recording of 'The hungry caterpillar' in French for you to listen to and watch as one of your tasks this week. Just click on the link below. Next week I will be doing some cooking for you to try at home. If you are super keen, have a look at the MFL page under recipes. I was thinking of making the yoghurt cake. What do you think?


Take care, have a fabulous week, and keep sending me your wonderful work. 


Best wishes

Madame Hemsworth