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Guided Reading:

Friday 3rd April 2020

LO: Answer questions using evidence from the text

Your final task this week is to answer questions about the Letter to Roald Dahl. Try and answer as many of the questions as you can in complete sentences. Remember to use evidence from the text to back up and support your answer. You can use the answer sheet to mark your completed work.


LO: To write and edit a short chapter

Continue writing up your chapter, following the top tips to make sure that you haven’t made any silly mistakes. Using a “purple pen” or font, correct any errors and add any paragraphs or information that you missed, ensuring that you have challenged yourselves to meet the S2S!

Re-read the information about the S2S to check you’re not missing any key skills and to help improve your writing.


  • N-N:  Finger spaces, neatest handwriting (or serious font!), joined up writing, capital letters and full stops used correctly.
  • H&S:  Fronted adverbials (to vary your sentence starters), neat paragraphs
  • MH:   Using adjectives, verbs and similes to create an exciting atmosphere
  • AYN?!: Using speech correctly throughout, personification


LO: Writing decimals.


1. Open PowerPoint, complete feedback starter and starter questions.

2. Complete VF challenge sheet.

3. Complete RPS challenge sheet.

4. Self mark your work.


Top Tip

When writing decimals. Remember your decimal point!