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Day 5: Friday 27th March 2020


Yay! We made it through the first week of distance learning! I’d like to start this morning by saying a couple of thank yous. The first thank you is of course to the children. When we first had the idea of ‘distance learning’ we didn’t know how it would go. You have made it a complete success. I love reading your e-mails and seeing all of the exciting things you’ve been doing on top of all your school work.


The second thank you goes to the parents and family members making this happen. Thanks for supporting, assisting and motivating where you can. I know how hard it is to juggle your own work with your children’s activities but I really appreciate all you are doing, and so far, it seems to be working well. Please feel free to email me any feedback that might help you or others and remember there is no pressure!

A couple of children have been telling me they have been doing ‘video calls’ with some of their friends. This is such a lovely idea that if you have the technology and a parent can help you is a great idea! I am trying to do this with my family and friends as it’s a good way to keep in touch!


Today I did more of the same but swapped the gardening for some baking (I am eating for two now after all! Ha-ha!) I had lots more lovely emails wishing me congratulations, so, THANK YOU, I loved  all the pictures and video messages (here is one from Emily!) ! As I replied to many of you, we are SO excited and although a little nervous whilst all this is going on, I am trying to make the most of this time to relax and slow down. I will keep you updated along the way and want to ensure you that I am with you 100% until the end of the year!




I have added a bonus ‘African Mask Art’ activity for you to try (if you want to) It looks fun and not too tricky! Have the best weekend, rest up and be ready for another fun filled week of distance learning on Monday!


Mrs BR x


Ps. It is Miss Cricks birthday today so if anyone would like to make, draw or send a birthday message I will forward them straight on to her! I Know she would appreciate it!