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Good morning everyone,


So, here we are. We have made it to half term and potentially to the end of distance learning as we have gotten to know it. And what a journey it has been so far! 


We have been in lockdown for nine full weeks now and we have been remote learning for seven of those. There have been ups and downs but we have stuck together and pulled through. We will continue to stick together to support each other through whatever the future brings and we will keep smiling and enjoy the end of this year one way or another. Whether it is from afar or at school - we will be in touch and we shall always be thinking of you. 


Miss Cartwright, Mr Sperring, Mr Tang, Mr Magee and I are so proud of you all for what you have achieved in recent weeks and we are thankful to work with such a kind, caring and hardworking group of children. The effort you have made with every piece of work has blown us away. We have laughed at your jokes, cried at your acts of kindness and been astounded at some of the skills (old and new) that you have shared with us. Joe Wicks has been motivating us all the way and has perhaps made us consider new lifestyles or routines that we would like to continue. Your parents have balanced their own work with supporting you in your education and we should all be thankful to them too. What a team we have made! I put that down to something very unique and special that not many people can be a part of. We are team Great Missenden and we put the


in Missenden. 


On a final note from me, the government have just released a new slogan for the coming week wink:




Lots of love, 

Mr Kemp

Year 6 Feedback from Mr Tang