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LO: To publish your portal story

Today we are bringing together all of the hard work you have done over this week…all of the editing, all of the writing and re-writing, Monday and Tuesday’s paragraphs too!

You are going to be writing your excellently developed, fully evolved story up in full!


Using the guidance inside the document, take your time to ensure you have met all of the S2S, ticking off the sheet and using your neatest joined-up writing to create a beautiful, perfectly finished, publishable story. Of course, this can be typed up on the computer (in a legible font, correctly punctuated) if that's easier.

If you would like to add photo's and illustrations too...that would be... very cool.... 


We are all so excited to see how wonderful these look all finished up, and to check which challenges you’ve fought to achieve! Make sure you’re copying carefully so that it all makes sense and is as neat as possible without missing any words or sections.

Your story should be organised in paragraphs and we should see at least the five planned and written paragraphs finished neatly by the end of the day.


Congratulations you incredible budding authors! We are so proud of what you’ve achieved.


LO: Arithmetic Friday


Task 1- Complete the arithmetic question sheet

Task 2- Complete the times tables sheet- these cover all the times tables do as many as you can.


Read the questions carefully, make sure you are doing the correct operation.

The four operations: Check yourself!

A quick re-cap of the most efficient methods for each of the four operations and how to quickly check over your answers to prevent silly mistakes.Feel free to check over the methods and practice beforehand if you'd like to!

Guided Reading:

Friday 22nd of May 2020:

LO: To answer questions and use evidence from text

Today, we would like you to answer the questions about Chapter

4 - Food (Almost) in complete sentences.

  1. What day of the week does Fred think it is?
  2. What did Fred think the monkeys ate? What made him think so?
  3. “I think there are insects you can eat” he blurted out! Why do you think this suggestion, from Fred, was greeted with silence?
  4. Pick a phrase from page 52 that tell us about the temperature in the Rain forest.
  5. Why did Percy Fawcett come to the Amazon to find?
  6. Why did Lila almost get expelled from school?
  7. Find a word on page 55 that means beating.
  8. Find a synonym for doubtful on page 56.
  9. What phrase tells us on page 57, that Lila is feeling sad?
  10. How would you feel if you were in the children’s situation? What would you do? Would you be happy to eat grub pancakes?

In case you would like to read the next chapter during half term!! Here it is...