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Day 15: Friday 24th April 2020


Wow, how is it Friday again!


Well done everyone, the first week ‘back’ is never easy and especially in this situation. I appreciate it is so hard to differentiate between what is holiday time/down time/school time when everything is happening at home… It is hard, even for me, but we have made it through another week. I have been again blown away with the amount of time and effort put into all your work, even when you have been finding some of the work tricky. It is a good time to try and remember our Great Missenden Growth Mindset that we talk about so much at school as although things might seem hard at first, it just means you’re learning! So, stay strong and it will be OK!


This week I have heard all about the baking, bubbles in the garden, den building, bike rides, music activities, paddling pools, walks in the woods, BBQs, sandpit fun, hula-hooping, skipping, tree climbing, dancing and so much more, all I can say is I think you guys are having way more fun than me!! All these activities are the things that are keeping us going in these challenging times so enjoy them and treasure them! The learning is obviously important, but so is our well-being and our families so do not feel bad if you can not complete all the work set, just take things one day at a time.


Here is a photo update on day one of the patio (a very hot job) my brother-in-law came round to lend a hand and here are my homemade flapjacks to keep them going! We also found a little frog who came to say hi! 




Don’t forget to check out the virtual brilliant book later today, I would actually put every single one of you in every week if I could! It is a true or false special so see if you can play along with your family! Also have a look at this weeks ‘strike a pose’ and ‘our fab work’ section to see what you have all been up to!


Finally, Attached is a 'Corona Competition' which Mrs Hardy (Year 5) would love you all to enter if you have time, it looks a lovely activity so if you want to make sure you email her before 4pm next Thursday (30th April). Good luck and enjoy!


Have a fanatical Friday and a lovely weekend everyone.

Miss you all,

Mrs BR x