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Good morning everyone! I hope you are all well and enjoying the near tropical weather!

So last week I sent you a picture of a very sad cookie I had tried to make. It was supposed to be a lovely rainbow unicorn cookie … but it ended up looking like this-

So last weekend my plan was to have another go! That was the plan, but then… Guinea Pig Spa happened! Every now and again we try to wash the guinea pigs. How long do you think that takes? Have a guess. I mean they’re small creatures, a bit like large furry potatoes. How long could it possibly take? 20 minutes? No. 30 minutes? No! Surely not an hour Mr White? Well surprisingly … NO!!!

Two and a half hours boys and girls, is how long it takes to groom, wash and dry two guinea pigs.

You put them in the sink, the big one falls asleep, then the little one climbs onto the big one and uses him as a ladder to escape from the sink when my back is turned. So, I catch him making a break for it, but of course he has woken up the big one by climbing on him so he’s half out now. So eventually I get them in the sink and wetted (they look very odd when wet) then there’s the shampoo and the rinsing, another couple of escape attempts, a very serious try by Twiglet to eat the tap and finally, finally they’re done and clean and soaked.

But I don’t want them to catch a cold, I need to get them warm and dry. So, I have a secret weapon- a hair dryer. And what do you think? Do Guinea Pigs like hair dryers? Boys and girls, they reacted as though I had produced a live jaguar and was threatening them with it. They bolted out from the supposedly guinea pig-proof area I had made and hid under the bed. I won’t go on at length about chasing them around with the hair dryer or the number of towels I got through. Needless to say, there was a lot of worried squeaking and not all of it from me. The only way I could get them to stay still was to bribe them with lots of vegetable treats.

So the pigs are now clean … and considerably fatter.


Anyway, after this exhausting battle I finally had another go at baking cookies. But clearly my heart was not in it and something like this happened-

So tonight is going to be the third attempt at making cookies! I am running out of butter, so this is the last go. But I have learnt from you lovely lot the Great Missenden way- we don’t give up and we learn from our mistakes, so wish me luck!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and much better luck with cooking than me!

Take care

Mr White