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Year 4 Feedback


LO: To read as a writer

Follow the document to examine the breakdown of the text, when reading as a writer we are looking for features of the text that help us break it down and clarify the structure.

Use your knowledge from your icons and actions to help you as you check over the piece of writing and find connections and sentence signposts (explained within) throughout.

  1. Find and highlight the sentence signposts within the text to see how they work (a blank copy of the text has been attached).
  2. Finish the sentences using the sentence signposts (highlighted green) to make full, formal sentences, you can make up your answers as long as the signposts are used effectively!
  3. Give yourself the BONUS CHALLENGE (not done on its own) of experimenting with sentence signposts choosing one of three topics to create a mini-explanation text about!

Make sure you read through all of the text first and examine the changes that could be made, so that you can see how the text has been split and why! After tackling the challenges send them to your teachers.

Good luck!


LO: Arithmetic Friday


1. Complete the worksheet below, make sure you read the questions carefully.

2. Complete the times tables sheet.

3. Mark each worksheet with the answer at the end of the documents.


If you have any questions, email your class teacher.

Year 4 French - Summer Term Week 6

Week commencing 1st June 2020

Draw like Matisse


This week for your remote French lesson, we are looking at the famous French artist Henri Emile Benoît Matisse. Begin by watching the video then follow the instructions on the PowerPoint to recreate your own work of art. If you can, please take a photograph of your artwork and email it to:


Merci and I am really looking forward to receiving your unique work of art.

Madame Hemsworth

Guided Reading

Friday 6th June 2020

LO: Use speech marks and explore synonyms for said

Earlier this week we looked at speech marks and how to use them for direct speech in your writing. Count how many times you can find the word said, after direct speech in chapter 6 of The Explorer! We think Katherine Rundell could do with some help finding some more exciting synonyms, for said.

Choose 5 sentences containing speech marks from the chapter and rewrite them using some more colourful synonyms for said, you could use, exclaimed, gasped, gulped or any others you can think of!

Challenge – Write your own conversation between two of the characters if you wish.