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LO: To publish your Explanation text!

Today we are bringing together all of the hard work you have done over this week…all of the editing, all of the writing and re-writing…You are going to be writing your excellently developed, fully evolved documentation up in full!

Using the guidance inside this document, take your time to ensure you have met all of the S2S, ticking off the sheet and using your neatest joined-up writing to create a beautiful, perfectly finished, publishable Explanation text.

We are all so excited to see how wonderful these look all finished up, and to check which challenges you’ve fought to achieve! Make sure you’re copying carefully so that it all makes sense and is as neat as possible without missing any words or sections.

Your text should be organised in paragraphs and we should see the five planned and written paragraphs finished neatly by the end of the day.

Explanation texts are hard and you’ve created some excellently formal, well connected pieces of writing. Congratulations, you skilled writers!


LO: Arithmetic Friday.


1. Complete arithmetic questions and self mark.

2. Complete the times tables sheet.


Any questions contact your class teacher.

Guided Reading – Maiden Voyage

Friday 11th June 2020

LO: To retrieve evidence from the text


Read the questions below and find the evidence from the text. You can write your asnwers out or discuss them verbally. Check your answers at the end and see how you got on!


  1. Why was Max’s breath disgusting?
  2. Find a simile on page 80.
  3. Why did Fred think the raft was more beautiful than a yacht?
  4. Find a word on page 81 than means took.
  5. Why did Lila whisper “maybe” to Con on page 82?
  6. What does it mean that the raft tipped drunkenly on page 87?
  7. Find a word on page 88 that means very big.

Year 4 French - Summer Term Week 7

Week commencing 8th June 2020

Musical Instruments


Well done to everyone that had a go at doing their own version of a Henri Matisse painting last week. I was simply blown away by your artistic skills. I have uploaded all your incredible work to the Year 4 'French Wow' page. 

Over the next 2 weeks, we are going to be linking our French with music and learning all about the names of musical instruments in French. The remote lesson will follow the same format as usual; begin by watching the PowerPoint presentation, then complete the worksheet. There is also a 'are you nuts' extension sheet for you try. 

Finish by colouring in your language cloud and send me a photo of your chosen worksheet (there are 3 different levels) with your language cloud progress page. 


Missing you all very much, 

Madame Hemsworth