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Good morning and a very happy Friday lovely Missendeners!


This week the weather outside has been wet, but a lot of you have tackled this by making amazing forts, dens and camps inside! Well done 😊

It might be slightly weird building a base out of a sofa and some cushions, or a blanket and some string or by making a wall out large soft toys, but it is a lot of fun. In fact, I have noticed that very often ‘weird’ goes hand in hand with ‘fun’. This is why children often have more fun than adults, because they are much, much weirder!

Now although lockdown has been incredibly tough, me and the other Year 3 teachers have been very impressed by you children. Because we’ve noticed that one of the main ways you children have dealt with lockdown, is by doing weird and wonderful things to keep yourselves busy and happy!

It is a secret that not many people know, (so I’ll keep my voice down so no one can overhear), but teachers learn as much from the children they teach as the children learn from them! I know, it’s a surprise, but Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone.

So I have learnt a load about imagination and about being weird from you lovely children these last months. Last weekend I was wondering what I should do to keep myself busy and inspired by your forts, and artwork, your stories and your crazy photos of random lockdown loopiness. I have decided to make a tiny lawn for the Guinea Pigs.

I got a large plastic tray from their old small cage, drilled some holes in it and bought a piece of turf (grass) from the shop. I planted it (by which I mean I hacked at it with the breadknife till it fit in the tray) and watered it (the rain helped a bit) and then the other day for the first time ever the Guinea Pigs (natural grass eating beasts) got to experience grass for the first time. From their point of view it must have been like being put into a magical new world where you could literally eat the floor. Weird? Possibly. Fun? Definitely!

Below is a clip of two very happy pigs.

Thank you all for being inspirations for me and the other grown ups at Great Missenden and for your grown ups at home too. Thank you for being weird! You make the world a much better place 😊

Hope you all have a wonderfully weird day

Mr White

Mr White's guinea pigs!

Still image for this video