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LO: To publish your Wishing Story!

Today we are bringing together all of the hard work you have done over this week…all of the editing, all of the writing and re-writing…You are going to be writing your excellently developed, fully evolved story up in full!

Using the guidance inside this document, take your time to ensure you have met all of the S2S, ticking off the sheet and using your neatest joined-up writing to create a beautiful, perfectly finished, publishable story.

We are all so excited to see how wonderful these look all finished up, and to check which challenges you’ve fought to achieve! Make sure you’re copying carefully so that it all makes sense and is as neat as possible without missing any words or sections.

Your text should be organised in paragraphs and we should see all of the planned and written paragraphs finished neatly by the end of the day.

Well done everyone, you’ve created some amazing characters and hilariously dramatic settings!

Feel free to enjoy my other versions of the story also…


LO: Arithmetic Friday


1. Complete the work sheet below.

2. Mark using the answer sheet at the end of the document.


From next week Arithmetic Friday will become Arithmetic Monday. Times tables question will be back on Monday.

Guided Reading

Chapter 8 – Abacaxi Questions

LO: Retrieve answers to questions

Answer the questions below, related to this weeks chapter. Try and write in complete sentences and check your answers at the end.


  1. What word on the top of page 104 showed Con that Lila was upset?
  2. Why did the tree giggle?
  3. Why did Max wipe his face guiltily? (page 105)
  4. What phrase on page 106 tells us that Max was walking quickly?
  5. Find another word on page 107 that means immense.
  6. What is another synonym for startled (page 107)?
  7. What adjectives on page 107 describe the sloth?
  8. What happened the sloth’s mother?
  9. How would you feel if you discovered a baby sloth?

Year 4 French - Summer Term Week 9

Week commencing 22nd June 2020

Musical Instruments – part 3


Well done to everyone that sent in their French work last week; it’s really great to see so many of you fitting in Language Learning into your busy homelearning schedules. Practising French every week will help give you the confidence to get to a flying start in September, when we will all hopefully be back at school.


Now you have understood the concept of masculine and feminine nouns in French, this week we are going to expand our language and add opinions words.


The remote lesson will follow the same format as usual; begin by watching the PowerPoint presentation, then complete the worksheet.

This week, to make thinks a little easier, I have recorded the presentation and linked it to my YouTube channel.


I have also created some games for you to play in the ‘games’ folder. It is a great way for you to consolidate your vocabulary learning.


Don’t forget to finish by colouring in your language cloud and send me a photo of your chosen worksheet (there are 3 different levels) with your language cloud progress page. 


Missing you all very much, 

Madame Hemsworth