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LO: To introduce your information text

Let’s learn a little bit more about Great Mythenden by using our imaginations!

  1. Create a beautiful title to grab the eye, including the word “Great Mythenden” if possible.
  2. Think about what the school and its surroundings looks like and create some sentences describing it, following the outline for detail.
  3. Think about a magical form of transport to get children to and from school- it could be something ridiculous or normal made magical.
  4. Plan your paragraph using the notes you’ve collected, making sure you capture what the children who go to Magical Mythenden are like as well.
  5. Write up the paragraph using your planning, following and embellishing the model provided.

I’m sure you’ll create an exciting environment- remember, this is a formal “factual” piece of writing, so try to sound serious but happy.

You can keep your sections (finished paragraphs) on separate pieces of paper to ensure that you can re-arrange at the end, if you’d like.

Good luck!


LO: Describe movement


1. Complete the starter PowerPoint.

2. Complete a challenge sheet of your choice.

3. Self mark using answers at the end of the document.


Top Tip

X axis moves left and right

Y axis moves up and down

A lovely PHSE discussion to have, with a story:

Even more, creative extensions of our English lessons!

Guided Reading.

LO: Answer questions related to page 132 and 135

Friday July 3rd 2020

Using the pages above, answer the following questions using evidence from the text where possible to support your answers.

  1. What phrase on page 132 implies Fred is embarrassed.
  2. Can you find a word on page 132 that means mad or crazy?
  3. What kind of book might Fred have been reading from his seat on the floor in a corner of the library?
  4. Can you think of another word for skittered?
  5. Why do you think the map felt like a miracle?
  6. Why did Fred use blood from his cuts to mark the map?