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Good morning everyone! How are you all doing?


Last week we were getting to know our new classes, saying ‘Hello’ for the first time. It made us think of when we said ‘Hello’ to you lot, probably about a year ago now (though it seems longer).

Since that first ‘Hello’, the grownups in Year 3 have probably said ‘Hello’ to you face to face and on email LOADS of times. That is a lot of ‘Hellos’!


Not just ‘Hellos’ either. There have been ‘Good Mornings’ and ‘How are yous?’ and ‘How was your lunch?’ and ‘Great to see yous’ and ‘Well dones’. Loads of them, hundreds! Maybe even more.

At this time of year, we come to the end of a school year and a day when we have to say ‘Goodbye’. It can be hard to say ‘Goodbye’. It is an emotional thing to say. But we’ve been thinking…


If we have said ‘Hello, how are you, well done, great job, how was lunch, good to see you,’ maybe 5 times a day to every child in our class- that means we’ve said around 1000 hellos. Today, we’re going to say ‘Goodbye’ once. So the maths would be-


1000 – 1 = 999


That is still LOADS of hellos! The one goodbye hasn’t even scratched the surface! One tiny goodbye after a year of hellos, and hard work, ups and downs, adventures and laughter! One tiny goodbye compared to all that! Well... it is not something we’re going to worry about.

We might be a little sad when we say ‘Goodbye’ that one time. But we’re going to remind ourselves that we have the memories of 999 happy hellos that we can carry around with us forever.


All of your new teachers are very lucky to have wonderful children like you in their classes next year. But remember that your old teachers are just next door or just downstairs. Even if people go further away, remember that the world can be a very small place and you never know who you will bump into in the shops or walking down the street.

Hellos and happy memories last forever, for as long as you need them, and your teachers from Year 3 will always be your Year 3 teachers. And we will always be very proud.


You have one final ‘task’ to do today if you wish, which will get you thinking about your highlights from this year. Do not send it in to us. This is purely for you to have and to remember all the good times we have had this year.


Before we go, we would like to say an absolutely mahoosive thank you to all of your parents and carers at home. Distance learning simply would not have happened without all of you. Sure, we can plan the lessons, put them on the website, and send feedback, but the actual teaching has been done by all of you. The children have produced some excellent work and have come back to school a lot further ahead than they could have been because of all of your efforts. We are so grateful.


Without the parents, we also wouldn't have been able to have held the virtual camp yesterday evening.  Us year 3 teachers had so much fun and loved seeing all the photos and videos that you sent in.  As a little 'thank you', we have produced a video which we hope you will enjoy.


All that is left to say is thank you all for such a brilliant year. We hope you all have a wonderful summer!


The year 3 team

Year 3 Virtual Sleepover

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