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LO: To create a fun, rhyming poem!

Following the word document, collect rhymes for a group of animals (as many as you can!) and then, after watching the suggested videos, using the steps to guide you, write yourself your own poem in the style of “Oi Frog/Dog/Platypus!”!

Don’t be afraid to go back and change to your favourite words, some things have more than one rhyme after all, make sure you pick the most funny or silly one, but it should still make sense!

Bonus points for the person who gets the most teachers in there…


Arithmetic Friday


Today, we are going to be starting something new in year 4; Arithmetic Friday. We are using questions from test base. As we are off school indefinitely we need to revise and consolidate past learning and explore in more detail, areas we are not as secure in.There is no time limit and we are not worried about your score, we would like to see what you know and areas that you are less confident with. We would like you to have a go at each question and if there is anything you do not know, let your class teacher know and they will be able to help you. 


Please self mark your work using the answers at the end of the document. Any corrections that you do make please correct in a different colour. This will help your class teacher if you ask them for help.

Guided Reading:

Friday 24th April 2020

LO: Answer questions about Chayo's life

Earlier in the week we read about Chayo's life in Columbia and summarised the key points of the book.

Today we would like you to answer questions. We would like you to use complete sentences and remember to use capital letters and full stops in your sentences. Do what you can in 20 mins or so, there is no pressure to complete every question!