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Friday 27th March

Good morning all (from Miss Cartwright),


It’s the final day of our first week, how is everyone feeling?! As teachers, we have been really impressed and proud at how you have all stepped up and shown such conscientious attitudes throughout the week with your work. This hasn’t been easy and has been a massive learning curve for us all but you have sent work in every day (good quality work too!), you have kept in contact with us, you have asked for help when you needed it, you have challenged us when you think the answers are wrong and you have made us smile. Thank you for a positive first week, you make all of this easier!


Please remember that if you can’t complete a task, please don’t worry. There will be days when you can’t get everything done, we understand. All you need to do is just send us an email explaining how you filled your day and all the fun things you have got up to 😊 We love hearing about all of the things you are getting up to.


Special shout outs today go to:

  • Edie in 6C. She is normally first to send in her distance learning each morning and always completes it to the best of her ability and asks for help when she needs it.
  • Nelson in 6C. He decided to get creative and make some rabbits to support the publishing of his story!
  • Luke in 6K. He decided to spend some time doing some great drawings.
  • Milo W and Oliver in 6K. They did a virtual work out together!
  • Toby in 6S. He and his family are watching the Harry Potter films in order and have decided to get creative and make wands too! These wands are made of hot glue, chop sticks and paint. Amazing work!
  • Marley in 6S. She was entertaining Mr Sperring yesterday by playing ‘guess the tune’ on her violin!

Still image for this video

Thank you for all of your published stories so far, they look fab and we look forward to reading more. We will be adding them to the website so that you can read each other’s and celebrate each other’s hard work.


With not too much of a variety of things going on at the moment, my partner and I were very excited to be able to pick up our cat yesterday (safely of course! Luckily, she was from just around the corner from where we live too) and bring her home. She is 4 years old and we have named her Queso. She is settling in well, even though I did spend lots of hours yesterday trying to coax her out from under the bed, but one step at a time! Hopefully she will be able to entertain us during the long days.. Here are some pictures for all those who like cats.

Great news!

Great Missenden’s renowned Brilliant Book Assemblies will still continue, well slightly differently but each teacher has done a video recording of the child from their class who has impressed them this week. Keep an eye out on our school Twitter feed today. There might even be a joke or two.


It is also Mr Sperring’s story time tonight, enjoy!


Have a great weekend and we look forward to catching up with you all next week. Stay safe.


Miss Cartwright and the rest of the year 6 team