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Day 20: Friday 1st May 2020


Good morning campers, Happy May Day! 


Another pretty wet day yesterday, felt colder too…. Bring back that sun! Looks like today and the weekend we might see it again poking through the clouds!


Yesterday I was up early, had some breakfast and a cuppa tea and then I went straight out for my exercise as I knew the forecast for the rest of the day wasn’t great! So, after that and another cuppa tea I got in my warm cosy jumper and sat at the laptop planning and responding to your emails.


Today, I am going to go out into the garden again whilst it is dry to finish the planting and weeding around the front of the house. I have never done so much gardening in my life!! Today I am also having an amazing delivery from ‘The Pantry at 51’ in Prestwood with all my store cupboard essentials and most importantly refilling my flour stock as I am dangerously low! Mr Brooke-Read and myself have tried to shop local as much as we can at this time as even though it is slightly more expensive, we really want these businesses to kept running, like this one and the Farm Shop at Peterley. One thing I am really missing is going to meet friends for a catch up over coffee and cake, so hopefully once we are back to some kind of ‘normal’ these businesses will be able to reopen again!


Anyway, I hope you have all had a good week, thanks again for all the effort and hard work you have been putting in. I have said it before and I will say it again, you guys are AMAZING! I miss you so much! Don’t forget to watch out for this weeks Brilliant Book and the new bedtime stories that are being added to the Great Missenden Twitter page regularly!


Lastly, I am really missing hearing you read, so, today I have included a reading section onto Friday’s page. Take a look to see how I would like you to do this and hopefully it will be a way that I can hear you read and see how you are progressing with your reading skills!


Happy Friday,

Mrs Brooke-Read x