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Happy Friday everyone!


We made it through another week of distance learning. Thank you to all children and parents for your continued hard work and determination. I know at times it can be disheartening that we are still having to stay at home to do school work, especially when the weather isn't great. All we can ask is that you keep trying your hardest. You may need to do your work on smaller chunks with some breaks in between. That is completely fine. It may be that you can't do some of the work on your own and you need your parents to help you. That is also completely fine. Whatever works best for you.


This period of time will genuinely go down in history. None of us have been in this situation before and we are all muddling through it together. It is OK to feel a bit overwhelmed or uncertain at times. But we will all be back to school at some point and we can't wait to see you all again.


Check the work out below. You will be pleased to know that today is your last fractions lesson! Happy days. There is also reading and a SPAG lesson to complete as well. Also, if you go back to the year 3 distance learning homepage, you will see there is a new folder called 'Wow Work'. Each Friday, we will be putting work up by children that has particularly impressed the year 3 teachers. You could go up for anything; creative art work, baking, maths work, whatever. So keep trying your best and who knows, you may make the page. 


Have a wonderful weekend everyone and don't forget to check out the brilliant book this afternoon.


Mr Austin