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LO: To read as a reader

This is a reading comprehension, look through the document, it has a lot of good tips! You should know the text quite well by now, having used icons and actions, analysed it yesterday and are now reading it again today- so you will not have to look far to find the information you need!

Please answer all questions in full sentences, addressing what the question says and then answering it. You should also put any quotes you use from the text in quotation marks (apostrophes), for example:

            What is Miss Read’s favourite colour?

            Miss Read’s favourite colour is a summers sky blue.

You MUST work through all the levels, do not just do the level of choice, you should be able to prove that you can work through H&S and move upwards. Try to get all the way to AYN?!, consistently writing in full sentences. From MH onwards there are questions asking your opinion/to use your inference skills, otherwise, all answers are in the text so use the tips provided.

Mark your questions using the answers at the bottom of the document, these are provisional answers that try to cover all of the answers you could come up with. All of this work should be sent to your teacher, if there are any that you were unsure of please tell your teacher so they can help you check!

  1. Read document and top tips
  2. Answer questions in full sentences, starting with H&S and working through
  3. Mark your work using the answers below and your teacher, for clarity

I’m sure you’ll all breeze through this with full sentences and neatest handwriting!


LO: Arithmetic Friday


It is arithmetic Friday. Complete the questions below, do it in your own time. Read the questions carefully.


Any questions, please email your class teacher and then send them your results!

Guided Reading:

Friday 15th May 2020

LO: To make predictions:

Today you don’t need to write anything, you can think though the answers or you can discuss them aloud. An important part of reading is predicting and thinking about how or why things have happened or what you think will happen next.

  • Why did the plane crash?
  • What could have happened?  

Some of you know, as you have the book and have read it! Even if you have the book, and know the answers, listen to Catherine Rundell read the very first 3 pages of The Explorer. Were your ideas close to what you actually thought happened?

Now let’s look at the skill of predication.

  • What will happen next?
  • Will the children escape?
  • How will they get home?
  • Who could they meet?
  • What adventures might they have along the way?

There is also a really interesting interview with Katherine Rundell discussing The Explorer and her writing techniques, if you would like to listen!