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Welcome to the History Distance Learning Page!

Welcome to the History Distance Learning Page! Here you can find some challenges that you might like to do at home as well as some useful links for some history websites and tours!


As we are in the makings of history, why not write a diary to record your experience of distance learning! You never know, someone could read your diary in 100 years time and learn all about what YOU were doing at this significant moment in history!


The children still at school have very cleverly named themselves class 'History Makers' and have created this wonderful display on the school playground! Thank you to Mr Kemp and Mr Sperring for organising this beautfiul art display!


History Makers!






Thank you for all the entries for the Historical Fiction Writing competition, I have really enjoyed reading the stories you have written.


I am pleased to announce that the winner for the Great Missenden Historical Fiction competition is Arthur in 6C! He has sent his story off to be judged in the wider Historical Association competition, good luck Arthur!


Special shout out to Henry and George in Year 5 who also wrote two amazing stories! Well done!


Read Arthur's story 'Back to War' below.

Historical Fiction Competition


Competition time!


This is a great opportunity to write a fictional story of your choice that is set in a historical period of time (e.g. the second world war, the stone age etc). This could be the historical period of time that we have been learning about, or just one that you are really interested in!


The Historical Association is running this as national competition (for Year 5 and 6). The entries from Year 5 and 6 will need to be emailed to Miss Sharratt on or before the 17th of June.The wonderful Mrs Kitching’s will be judging the stories and selecting three ‘winners’ from the school to be sent off to the competition, these will then be judged with other stories from across the UK! There will be a prize for the best historical story AND a prize for the best fictional historical character that fits in with your period of time! This will be announced in September or October by the Association. 


However, it would be a great opportunity for all years to do, so therefore we will be having a Great Missenden ‘historical fiction’ competition as well! All entries need to be emailed into Miss Sharratt ( by the 17h of June.

Good luck!


Please email Miss Sharratt at for any queries or questions.

How have Great Missenden Celebrated VE Day?


You have all been fantastic at sending in some wonderful photos of what you have been doing for VE day. Whether it has been baking, creating bunting, watching films, practicing morse code or even having your own stay at home street party! 

Here are some pictures of VE day being celebrated Great Missenden Style!


Kian's Winston Churchill project


Celebrating VE Day!

This week we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day (which stands for Victory in Europe Day). This day marks the end of the Second World War and the defeat of Germany by Allied forces in 1945.

More than 1 million people celebrated in the streets of cities, towns and villages in the UK. Crowds gathered in Trafalgar Square waiting for Winston Churchill, the wartime Prime Minister, and King George VI to make an appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.


It wasn’t just celebrated in the UK though, people across Europe celebrated this moment in time after 5 devastating years of war. Three months later, the war also ended in the Pacific. 


Below are some activities that you could do at home to celebrate VE Day this week!


Don't forget to send your class teacher any pictures of how you are going to celebrate Victory in Europe Day!


Activity 3 - End of the War Newspaper Article

Celebrating VE day through music


Take a look at the Music Page in the distance learning section of the wesbite. Mrs Hulbert has created some fantastic music activities for both KS1 and KS2 to celebrate VE day.






Creating primary sources

Some of you may have looked at what a primary source might be…

 A primary source is an original, first hand experience of a historical event.

Hopefully some of you may be writing a diary of your experiences at home (this is a primary source as YOU are making it as you are experiencing it!)


But why not look at creating other primary sources during this unusual time! This moment will probably be talked about for many years to come, so you can say that you made some first-hand sources about your time spent at home!

These could include:

  1. A letter to your future self (about how you are feeling, what you have been doing).
  2. Some pictures of your time in isolation (and doing some distance learning!)
  3. Making a list of the things that you are doing everyday – what you have been doing for fun, what has helped you pass the time etc.
  4. Or you could combine all of these ideas and make a time capsule. See below on some ideas about what you could include in your time capsule!

Creating a time capsule:

Do you want people to know about you in the year 2160? Do you want to remember your current self when you are older? Now you can!

You will need:

  • A box
  • Some items that reflect you and 2020!
  • A letter or a card to whoever might open the time capsule in the future!


Below are some activity sheets that you can use to create your very own time capsule.


Once you have completed the time capsule, make sure you put it somewhere safe (you might want to hide it in your garden) so that you can find it many years later and relive your experience of isolating at home!

Useful Links:


Feel free to click on any of the links below and explore some of the virtual tours of the museums!