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History Makers

Welcome to The History Makers page - The brand new GM class! 


This page will be updated throughout the week for you to see what the History Makers have been getting up to during their time at school. 


Monday 23rd March


Today we made history by being the first key worker class at school- hence why we named ourselves 'History Makers'! We had a fantastic day working as a team to create this beautiful rainbow, completing our Distance Learning tasks and playing some parachute games.


Wednesday 25th March


Today we had great fun taking part in Joe Wick's PE lesson. We all worked hard and some of us even had a go at some photography too! We then went up to the ICT suite and were brilliantly focussed on our Distance Learning tasks.



Thursday 26th March 


The History Makers started their day off doing the Joe Wicks work out. It was tough but they managed to complete it and felt great afterwards. Along with their distance learning, the History Makers have spent plenty of time outside in the sunshine.

This afternoon the History Makers made their own pizzas. Unfortunately as there is no flour in the shops at the moment they had to improvise and use tortilla wraps as the base and it turns out they work really well. The pizzas were delicious and made even better by getting to eat them out in the sunshine! 

Friday 27th March


The History Makers kicked off the day with Joe Wick's work out. It was tough but they smashed it!  Along with their distance learning, the History Makers have spent plenty of time outside in the sunshine. They even had races against Mr Sperring (but easily won as he was very slow!). 

Before lunch we had a curling match. The boys took on the girls! Once we mastered how hard to throw the stones down the track, there were some serious tactics being used! It was great fun.

Monday 30th March


The History Makers started the week off with Joe Wick's killer work out. No pain, no gain!  

They then enjoyed some time outside where they either played football or took part in Miss Cartwright's slalom bike course! 

After the break, they worked their socks off on their distance learning tasks. Go History Makers!

Tuesday 31st March 2020


 Another fun day with the History Makers. Thank you Tommy for being the official photographer!

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Today the History Makers had great fun making Chocolate Krispie Cakes!

They read and followed the instructions carefully, measured out the ingredients accurately and each created a tray of yummy looking treats! 


Friday 3rd April 2020

Today the History Makers had joined in with Joe Wicks' Fancy Dress Friday workout!

Monday 27th April



Tuesday 28th April 2020

It might be rainy outside but it was fun inside!

Wednesday 29th April

The rain doesn't stop us playing!

Thursday 7th May 

Hooray, the sun is shining again!


Friday 8th May


Happy VE day! Today at school we had lots of fun going on a scavenger hunt around the school and painting a banner for the school gates to celebrate VE day.


Nature sculptures and art work - Thursday 14th May

Thursday 18th June


The sun was definitely NOT shining today! The History Makers have been using their great engineering skills to make the tallest structure they can using art straws and masking tape. Some even made some tall structures from blocks in their own time...go, girls! smiley

Friday 19th June

Today we managed to get outside for some History Makers orienteering - yay! We asked Lexi to bring her tadpoles back in, and learnt about the lifecycle of a frog - who knew froglets are so cute?! 

Monday 29th June

With other year groups back in school the History Makers have been settling themselves into their new premises in the Oldham Hall. A highlight today was a workshop with Mrs Hulbert, creating (and enthusiastically playing!) a drum kit from recycling and objects around the room. With Mrs Hulbert as conductor, a Samba warm up had us in the mood for some rhythm!


Later on, a few of us went out to create an amazing maze near the mud kitchen - we worked so well as a team and have invited the rest of the group to try out our maze - who will make it to the middle fastest?!