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Cleanliness is something that will help you feel ready and prepared for the day, feeling “gross” (unclean, scruffy, dirty) can make you feel less productive and confident. It is important that we take measures to protect our body from the things we come into contact with. The easiest ways to do this are ones you know already: cleaning using a bath or shower, brushing our teeth, washing our hands, skin, hair and nail care routines. These things are not “something special” they are crucial to keeping you feeling good and well and your bodies health! Build these things into your routine and your body will thank you for it for the rest of your life!


Washing hands or have great tips and techniques! Remember to moisturise afterwards...


Brushing teeth or are great sources of information that keep it fun!


Shower/bath/cleaning: Everyone does this a bit differently but choose a method that suits you! Remember to clean your key areas using warm soapy water and your hair using shampoo and conditioner (all the way to the roots!) to keep it healthy and strong. This way you can remove bad smells, grime, dirt and any germs that have stuck onto you! If you struggle in showers or baths the use of a flannel or sink may be easier, as long as you target key areas regularly you can keep your body fresh and healthy! 


Skin care


Hair care: Everyone's hair is different and should be treated differently! Focus first of all on how your hair feels after it has been cleaned- is it still "sticky" or dry or clumpy or fly-away? You might need to change shampoo or conditioner! Also, work out how long it takes for your hair to feel "dirty" or "greasy"- 1 day, 2, 3? This will depend on your hair type and isn't a bad thing/doesn't mean you are not taking care of your hair! Your hair has natural oils that defend it and your skin from becoming dry and broken. Make sure your hair products are working for you and not damaging your hair (split ends, dryness, spots) by measuring this. 


Nail care: A lot of how your nails are doing is down to your nutrition. Calcium is important for your bones and hair, helping it to grow strong and thick. Eating a healthy and balanced diet will keep your nails looking shiny and thick with limited ridges. If you damage your nails often they can become lumpy and hard to correct. A good moisturiser for your hands helps your nail beds stay soft and reduces the chance of peeling and dryness around your nails. Try not to bite your nails, instead, cut the white of your nail down to about a 2mm length once a month so that they're short and useful but not distracting or dangerous and you'll quickly start growing longer and healthier nails!



Getting dressed: Your clothing can change your attitude! I know it is tempting to wear pyjamas every day when you’re working from home, but there are different outfits for different occasions for a reason- what you wear can change your mindset, for example, I wouldn’t go swimming in a suit! In your brain you relate school to wearing a uniform. I’m not saying that you should wear a uniform, but bear in mind the effects wearing pyjamas (something you wear to bed…) might have on your body and mind!



Keeping your space clean is just as important! Working in a dirty and cluttered space will make you feel just as unclean. If, like me, you like a busy space, that is fine, but it should be organised and hygienic- no tissues and rubbish left lying around. Make sure you have wiped down all surfaces with cleaner and that any keyboards or stationary you are using have been sanitised. Making your bed is another step to your routine that can help you feel prepared for the day ahead. You should have separate spaces for work and play and try to change these around on occasion, breaking this routine a little will help you to feel refreshed. All of the spaces you use should be tidy, clean and organised before you start, and put away carefully when you’re finished. Treating your environment with respect is a good way to train your brain to “warm up” and “cool down” after any activity, in a way you are packing up all of your thoughts and feelings about your task behind you, left only with the results!