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Following on from yesterday we are now going to explore the idea that once we have those equal groups we can now add them together quicker than counting in ones. It will bring into play the repeated addition and arrays we were looking at last week. Work through the ‘Adding Equal Groups PowerPoint’ initially and then try and complete the attached activity depending on how confident you feel. You may want to start on one and move to the next if you are understanding it.


Parents – you might find the children getting into a bit muddle with this as its lots of different language and different ways of doing the same thing. As adults we can see the links but it will take the children a little while so continuing to go over the same thing, repetition and being really explicit will help. I appreciate you are not teachers and it is hard for me to get across exactly how I would be teaching this in school, so just try your best and see how you get on. Remember any feedback is useful!