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Today is ‘Fun Day Friday’ and I would like you to have a session working on Numbots.


I can access what you guys are doing and I can see most of you are getting on really well and working through the different levels. But some of you look like you might need a reminder or gentle encouragement to have a go! So today is time for you to do this.


Then I would like you to, thinking about what we have been doing this week (making groups and adding them) create some practical examples using items from around the house or garden. So maybe get some stones, daisies, teddies, anything and group them together into 2s, 5s or 10s equally then try adding them together counting up in that amount (not just one by one). If we were at school we would be doing lots of practical activities like this using all our counters, Numicon, Dienes blocks, beads, compare bears, multi-links etc so this is a way of trying to recreate that with what you have at home. Enjoy!