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Continuing with subtraction - 


If you feel like you need to revisit yesterdays activities then please do as this is something that the children need to have continuous access to.


I have attached some simple ways to make this fun and practical in your homes. 


Play a game of skittles – you could use empty plastic bottles or cardboard tubes as the skittles. How many skittles do you have? Roll a ball at the skittles. How many fall over? How many are left standing?


Use 6 toy cars to play a subtraction game. Move the toys into a line on the carpet road. Then, put 1 of the toys into a cardboard box car park. How many cars are left on the road? Can you tell a grown-up about the number of cars there are? Can you use the words ‘away’ and ‘left’?


Play a subtraction game while you have a snack. Count out five pieces of fruit on to a plate. Then, eat one of the pieces of fruit. How many are left? If your grown-up eats one piece of fruit, how many would be left?


Use up to 10 . building bricks to build a tower. How many bricks are in your tower? Take 2 of the bricks away. How many bricks are left? Can you tell a grown-up what you did?


Try some of these out and let me know how they get on. 



Miss Collier