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Today we are looking at estimating volume.

Yes estimating... educated guessing!


Stop reading this and please watch the YouTube video!


This work today might seem hard but I have given lots of tips throughout the video so I hope you have all watched it. Remember you can still have the correct thought process and not get the same answer that is on the answer sheet, this is fine as long as you know you have used the correct thought process! Please do email your teacher if you are stuck but only after watching the video :)

There is no extension work for today - the sun is back out, go and enjoy it!


From now on we would like you to RAG rate how you have found the maths - we want to see this at the top of your page.

Green - it was easy!

Orange - it was quite tricky.

Red - I didn't get it at all (hopefully you would have emailed your teacher is you are a red!)