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Good Morning Year 6,


We have now come to the end of our scaling, proportion and ratio topics AND in any normal school year we would now be using the time we have to revise topics and prepare for the SATs, so in the coming days and weeks we will be doing a mix of revision, arithmetic papers and problems solving papers.


Today we are going to be revising finding percentages of amounts:


Remember we can find helpful percentages first e.g:

10% (divide the amount by 10)

5% (half 10%)

20% (double 10%)

1%(divide the amount by 100)

50 % (half the amount by 2)

25% (half of 50%)


You will find a practice Powerpoint to read through, consider and discuss. At the end of the powerpoint are 10 questions. These are optional.


Your work today is on the PDF document - CHOOSE EITHER PAGE 1 OR PAGE 2. There are 30 questions per page.


Well done for all you are doing EVERYONE!