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Fab halving yesterday, today we are going to be focusing on halving again but this time into groups or halving numbers/quantity.


Work through the ‘Halving for Parrot PowerPoint’ and hopefully you will be understanding that you are sharing out the fruits into half, so it is fair. Remembering the key point, if a whole group is split in half it needs to be in two equal parts.


Then have a go at the next halving activity attached below and check your answers after. Finally open the other PowerPoint below ‘Halving Numbers’. Work your way through this PowerPoint and then if you want a challenge complete the final halving activity ‘Half the Numbers Activity’ attached – inside has the three levels of spice for you to choose depending on your confidence level.


Remember you do not need to print these activities. You could do it directly onto the word document, copy and draw out the questions or just record the answers in your distance learning books.